At Architectural Acoustic Makers, we go beyond selling high-end acoustical products and offering great deals. We build long-term relationships with our valued clients, be they end-use consumers or acousticians and architects. Some services we provide include:

  • Designing and constructing acoustical treatments in communication and performing arts spaces
  • Designing and constructing acoustical treatments in recording and broadcasting studios which require a high degree of sound insulation
  •      and in-room acoustics
  • Sound-proofing solutions and noise treatments for general areas and industrial areas
  • Designing and constructing dedicated home theatres
  • Vibration control systems and noise treatments for mechanical plants

  • Among our Satisfied Clients:
    TV3, Fly, Hot FM, SONY, YAMAHA, Music, Bernama, Istana Budaya, Filem Negara Malaysia, and a vast number of high profile audiophiles.