About Us

In the beginning, there was Perfect Sound…

If a tree falls in the woods and there is no one to hear it, does it still make a sound?

Intrigued by this famous enigmatic question, a group of young entrepreneurs set out to study the origins of sound, and how sound can be contained, distorted, or diffused.

Grasping the relativity between sound and substance, the group that now calls itself the Architectural Acoustic Makers (AAMakers for short) has since worked intensively with acoustics for the past decade. From recording studios to religious halls, hotels to home theatres, AAMakers thrive on orchestrating the best solutions for any acoustical dilemma regardless of size and function.

While they never found the answer to that philosophical question, AAMakers discovered a passion and talent in forming a flawless aural-conducive environment, and they now pride themselves on ensuring no sound goes unheard anymore…unless otherwise intended.

… and we saw that Perfect Sound is good.

“It’s clear that there are many who do what we do, but they are still relying on imported goods, costing clients more resources than necessary. We are keen on doing things differently, with more effective and innovative methods. Architectural Acoustic Makers is heading towards being the pioneer of developing acoustical products locally, and setting a new bar in the market with our quality acoustic goods and solutions.”